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What Causes Facial Hair in Women?

What Causes Facial Hair in Women?

All women have facial hair, but it is usually light-colored and fine. Some women, on the other hand, have facial hair that is darker and coarser. If you’re in the second group, you might wonder why some women have too much facial hair and, more importantly, what you can do about it.

Our experts at Bergen County Hair Removal talk about the most common reasons why women get facial hair and how laser hair removal can get rid of unwanted hair.

Common reasons why women grow hair on their faces

Hirsutism is the name for women who have too much coarse hair, especially on their faces and lower abdomen. Up to 10% of women have it, and most of the time it’s caused by more androgens (male sex hormones). This can make the upper lip, under the chin, and even the neck grow more dark coarse hair.


The following things can cause androgens to rise:

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)

75% of all cases of hirsutism are caused by PCOS. If you have PCOS, benign cysts grow on your ovaries. This can cause a number of unwanted symptoms, like more hair on your face, fatigue, less fertility, and periods that don’t come on time. By balancing hormones, women can work with their OBGYNs to deal with the symptoms of PCOS.

Adrenal gland disorders

Your adrenal glands make hormones, and if you have a problem with these glands, your hormones can be affected. Cushing’s disease and congenital adrenal hyperplasia are both examples of problems with the adrenal glands.


Some drugs, like cyclosporine, testosterone supplements, and anabolic steroids, can make women have more androgens.


But there isn’t always a clear reason why you’ve grown hair on your face. Idiopathic hirsutism is the name for this, and it usually lasts for a long time.

Changes in hormones

Changes in hormones, like those that happen during pregnancy and menopause, can make more facial hair grow. When you’re pregnant, your body hair grows longer because your estrogen levels are higher. This also affects the hair on your head, so say hello to long, thick locks! and the hair on your head. Most of the time, the changes in your hair during pregnancy go back to normal after you give birth. Hirsutism can also be caused by menopause, and laser treatments can help get rid of coarse hair that you don’t want.


Genes and culture also affect how much hair grows on the face. The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology published a study that found that Indian women had the most facial hair on their upper lips, while Japanese women had the least.

How to get rid of facial hair

No matter why you have more facial hair, it can hurt your self-esteem. Laser hair removal on the face is an effective way to get rid of facial hair, boost your confidence, and make your skin smooth.


When you come to our spa for laser therapy for facial hair, keep these things in mind:


  • About three weeks before your first session, don’t wax or pluck any stray hairs on your face.
  • Don’t use lotions or beds to tan yourself.
  • Before laser therapy, don’t use any sun-sensitizing drugs.
  • Don’t put on makeup or lotion on your face the day of your appointment.
  • Shave on the day of your meeting.

No longer do you have to go through painful waxing sessions, pull out hairs every day, or deal with red, ingrown hairs. It’s time to say hello to a face that is smooth and hairless! Face laser therapy can help you get rid of those embarrassing hairs for good, and our goal is to help you reach your hair-free goals!


Contact us to set up a consultation to learn more about facial laser therapy. We are in Bergen County, NJ.




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