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Is Laser Hair Removal Worth It?

Is Laser Hair Removal Worth It?

Let’s discuss it. The cost of laser hair removal. People have asked me a lot of times if I’ve ever tried laser hair removal. The next question was “Does it hurt?” “Is it really going to work?” Now, remember that everyone’s treatment will be different, and this post will be based on my own. So, let’s start.


Yes, I have used a laser to get rid of hair from my Brazilian, underarms, and face. Does it hurt? From my point of view, hell yes. I’ve said in other posts that I can’t take much pain, so for me, the pain level is pretty high no matter what area is being treated. I was told to use a numbing cream for all of my treatments, which I will talk about in a bit.


Now, what does it feel like? Well, even though the pain was gone, I could still feel it in some places. It feels like a rubber band snapping and getting hot. Sometimes, for a split second, it felt like a hot needle was going through my skin. But I thought that second was the longest of my life. Hats off to those who can handle it without getting numb. I don’t understand how it can be! If you know you can’t take much pain, ask your specialist about numbing cream.


I’ve had 5 treatments for my Brazilian, and as the treatments have gone on, I’ve lost a lot of hair (almost none). When I say Brazilian, I don’t mean bikini. I’ve treated every nook and cranny down there, and let me tell you, it is LIFE changing. Those of you who don’t want all of your hair gone can do that! You can leave a landing strip or a martini glass-shaped triangle of hair on top while keeping the rest of your hair clean (yes even your butt). Talk with your expert about the different choices you have.


I probably need to go back for a touch-up because I can see a few hairs trying to grow back, but overall, the results have been very good. The number of treatments you need will depend on you and will be set by your specialist.


Remember that you don’t have to feel bad about putting up with everything with your laser tech. As professionals, this is what we’re paid to do. I wax people’s eyebrows and Brazilians on a regular basis. To a professional, it’s all the same, whether it’s an eyebrow wax or a Brazilian wax. We DO these things! All of us are women, and we all want the same thing: to look our best. Do you agree? One more tip: the better the results of your treatment, the more comfortable you are during it. Just breathe and trust your doctor.


Similar to my Brazilian, I’ve had 5 treatments on my underarms and they’re as smooth as a baby’s butt! I’m SO glad I took care of this area because there’s nothing worse than trying to let your hair grow out for waxing (especially in the summer) or the shadow, irritation, and tiny ingrown hair(s) from shaving.


I can’t say enough about how much I love always having smooth underarms. Even though it sounds silly, it has made my life a lot easier. I couldn’t have gotten better results, and now I’m free of worries. It is SO worth the time, effort, and pain!


Allow me to explain. I don’t mean my whole face when I say “face.” I mean that hair on the side of my head that is fuzzy and makes a shadow when I put on my makeup. Some people have no facial hair at all, and I’m always jealous of them. On the other hand, I have to pay for that feeling like silk.


This is a newer area of treatment for me, and to be honest, I was a little nervous about it because everything has side effects, like scarring (eeeeek). But I really trust my specialist and the knowledge that comes with many years of experience. This is why we pay a lot of money to people who know what they are doing.


I’ve only had three treatments for my facial hair, but the amount has gone down a lot! Oh, baby! My skin is smoother and softer, and my makeup goes on like butter.


I was told to use numbing cream no matter what part of my body was being treated (because I’m weak, remember?) In Canada, you can buy numbing cream at pharmacies without a prescription. Just ask the pharmacist, and they’ll show you what sizes are available. I always buy the bigger tube because I know I’ll eventually use it all. I don’t know if I should buy numbing cream in the U.S. So make sure to talk to a specialist in laser hair removal. They can give you advice on how to deal with the pain. When you get your numbing cream, be sure to follow the instructions your specialist gave you about how to use it and how long it will take to work. This will make sure that you can be as comfortable as possible at your appointment.


In the end, laser hair removal hurts and costs a lot, but it’s an investment that will pay off in the long run. The areas that have been treated have never looked or felt better. I’m obsessed with laser hair removal Paramus, and I’d love to do bigger areas like my arms, legs, and who knows what else. I’ll keep going until all I have left are my eyebrows and head hair =)!


I know this post is already long, so if you have any specific questions, leave them below and I’ll answer them as best I can! Or, if you want to keep things private, you can send me an email. I really want to hear from you.




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